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give the perfect anytime gift

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Whether you are giving to a friend, spouse, mother, sister, or child, giving to others intensifies our feelings toward the individual and makes us feel good inside. Often, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves for the perfect gift. The humorous gift. The meaningful gift. The favorite gift.

Psychologically, giving gifts is an important part of life and it helps deepen relationships. Not because we are spending money on someone and trying to buy a relationship, but because we are devoting time to better understand someone, thinking about what is most important to them or what would make them happy.

When designing for enewton, I keep in mind the importance of meaning, quality and price point. My goal is to design pieces that are just as meaningful to the gift giver as they are to the gift receiver. My niche is developing pieces that deepen relationships at a gift price point. Week after week, what continues to drive me is the affirmation from others that we are creating gifts that keep giving. My hope is that you, too, will experience the feeling about enewton that I get to everyday!

When enewton moved out of my home studio to our beautiful office, I quickly realized that my gift drawer moved out, too! I have shared with you a picture of what is inside my gift drawer and I would encourage you to have a gift drawer full of gifts that:

  • You would LOVE to own yourself
  • Are crowd pleasers and would be liked by ALL
  • Hold a meaning, a sentiment, or make a statement



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