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the layering 'how to'

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layering is all we hear these days...but how do we layer? what does layering mean? do necklaces have to be different lengths? do they have to be the same metal? can I layer fine jewelry with costume? what creates the look I'm trying to achieve?

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions aforementioned, except what feels right to YOU. What encompasses your style and what can you wear without feeling like it's too much? The last thing I ever want to do is put a tom boy in statement necklaces and a girly girl in plain.

So how do I do it??? Starting close to the face...I always like to think of this area, as the area that creates meaning. It is close to the heart and you don't want it to take away from your face. Don't have something too fussy, but create a look that works with your look. Necklaces at this length do not have to be different lengths. In fact, if they are the same length, they sometimes lay better and hit differently depending on what is being worn. Absolutely wear your diamond with something fun and flirty. There are no rules.

Longer layers...Depending on what you are wearing and how easy you want the outfit to be...meaning, when I am running around with my kids, I might wear one long necklace, because I don't want too much to worry about getting caught on them. If I am going out to lunch, I may wear a statement necklace and a nice piece that either hits in the middle of the statement or a few inches longer. Long necklaces look great if you have different lengths. Don't be afraid to wear 3 different lengths, just don't wear more than one statement piece.

Have fun and see how many ways you can wear one necklace or how many necklaces you can wear!


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